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L.A. Sleeve Co. Cylinder Rebuild Kit

Cylinder Rebuild Kit

  • L.A. SLEEVE Cylinder Rebuild Kit features all the components to rebuild the cylinder and re-assemble.
  • Four-Stroke Cylinder Sleeve to re-sleeve the cylinder to standard bore size.
  • L.A. Piston Standard Size Piston with rings, clips and wrist pin. Stock Compression. Excellent OEM replacement.
  • Top End Gasket Kit completes the package for smooth re-assembly.
  • IMPORTANT: Cylinder Sleeve BORE is SEMI-finish and must be bored & honed to fit piston.
  • Cylinder sleeving must completed by qualified dealer - machine shop.
  • Option: Send your cylinder to L.A. SLEEVE for complete sleeve installation - labor $135.00.
  • MONEY SAVER: Free Ground Shipping in U.S.

Part Number 5024KP
Fits 1987-2010 Yamaha YFM 350
Your Price: $230.00
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